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Visme Review | What is Visme vs Canva | Visme Login

What is Visme Free | Visme Login | Visme co vs Canva

In this Visme review I am going to show you how to use the Visme Free Design tool, the Visme Timeline Templates, and the Visme Login. We will see how it compares – Visme vs Canva, vs some other online design platforms. But first lets talk about what is Visme co?, and Is Visme Free? – Visme is an online platform that enables users to create engaging visual content for their website, social media, and marketing campaigns.

It offers a wide range of templates and tools including the ever popular Visme Timeline, that make it easy to create professional-quality visuals without any design experience or software required. Additionally, allows users to animate their text and graphics for even more eye-catching visuals. Best of all, everything is completely free to use.

Watch Our What Is Visme Introduction Video!

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What is Visme?

Create Stunning Content

Benefits | Features Overview | How to Use Visme Timeline

In this Visme review, we will look at the following areas: the benefits, features overview, how to use the graphic design tool, how it compares to other sites Visme vs Canva vs Prezi, Vizme vs PowerPoint, etc. Pricing, plans.

Visme Login | What is Visme? | Visme Timeline? | and Is Visme Free?

Visme is completely free, it offers a wide range of graphic design tools that are easy to use without technical skills. The user can create custom fonts, logos, badges, videos, and infographics with just a few clicks. Users can also apply filters and effects to their designs to make them more appealing.

What Is Visme | Is Visme Free?

Visme co Introduction and Benefits, What is Visme, Is Visme Free? The App is free to use and has lots of great templates, and features. There are plenty of design options to choose from and they are always adding new ones. You have lots of choices and room for growth. You do not need any special design skills, thanks to Visme co. If you have design experience or not. You’ll find this software powerful and easy to use.

  • Have you ever wanted to make an infographic, but didn’t know where to start?
  • Do you want to create a beautiful video presentation for your next business pitch?
  • Don’t have the budget to hire someone else to do it?

Then you might want to try Visme All in One Content Creation Tool (Vis-Me), an online design app. It makes design fun and easy.

Look and Style

Visme may look like other design programs, but it offers more features and functionalities. You will learn some of what makes it different in this Visme review. Lets start. It’s intuitive, scalable, flexible, and versatile. The app allows you to create content in your browser, then use it in any number of ways. You can use it on the web, in private mode, by embedding it on a site, or even by downloading it for offline viewing.

graphic design with visme-brand (2)
The slide shows some images being worked on.


The Visme Free Design App has the analytical ability to keep track of traffic and engagement of your content. Create your collection of PowerPoint slides and media library. Cooperative teamwork with discussions and markup alterations. The app has great reviews from graphic design professionals.

With great reviews. It is one of the most affordable design solutions on the market. There is an active support community that can help with any questions or problems.

Sample Slide

The slide below was made using the app, so I could include it in this Visme Review- Note how it has an example of an animated graphic, in the form of a robot. There is also a YouTube video embedded within the slide. The slide is being hosted on Visme co and loaded into the website from there.

Slide Created for This Page

Features Overview

Allows users to make visuals and slides with customizable interactivity. You can animate objects and assign actions to them, such as opening links, rollovers, and more. Add video or audio, embed content from third parties, and add maps, polls, and forms.
To achieve greater customization, set up the Brand Kit with your logo and brand colors.

Visme All in One Content Creation Tool

Videos with Visme co

You can make videos with the app too! You get to pick your font, color, and size, you get to pick what looks best for you! Design & Video in One Easy-to-Use Platform. Design and video are different, but not with Visme Free Tools, create both at once.

  • With over 100 templates for creating infographics, banners, posters, headers, and more.
  • Use it for your business or personal use, with dozens of fonts to choose from, design has never been easier!

Branding Management

Manage your branding requirements with it’s large icon and graphics library. The App lets you set your branding requirements and manage fonts. Upload your own fonts, set up templates, or add a logo. You can also set brand colors, if you don’t have a logo and colors, use the app to create them!

It can even import colors and a logo directly from your company website. Now that’s clever!

All in One Content creation-brand management tool
Part of the Brand Kit that is available with

How to Choose the Right Brand Colors – Advice for Entrepreneurs

YouTube video


Access hundreds of high-quality, custom-built infographic templates, or start from a blank canvas. A large library of content blocks you can stack together. Create custom infographics in minutes, not hours, and rearrange blocks with a click.

Visme co has lots of pictures and images you can use to make videos or posters. It has people with different colored skin, different body positions, and animals too! You get to choose what kind of picture you want to use! There are 10 different types of pictures that you can make. With flat pictures, outlined pictures, and 3-D pictures called isometric pictures.

Visme Free Fonts

More than 120 pro fonts. The fonts can be applied to just about anything, you are sure to find one to suit your needs. Some fonts look like handwriting, some might look like writing from an old typewriter. There are lots of choices! You can add as many fonts as you want! If the font you want is not available. Upload your own!

content creation-animation
The slide shows some of the many animations available in


To make animations, all you have to do is click on an object and then choose what kind of animation you want it to do. You can add many different types of fonts to your projects too. Do over 65 different actions with the pictures, change their skin color, how fast they move, etc. Combine and add other things in their pictures like buildings or cars.

  • You can also use animations in Visme Timeline!
  • When you make a presentation using, you get lots of choices on how to organize information.
  • The Notes blocks let you customize the order and size of things on your slides so that they fit what you want to say best.
  • Changes are easy to make!

Visme Timeline

Since its inception in 2013, it has been a go-to platform for creating engaging visual content. Over the years, it has continued to enhance it’s capabilities, introducing new features and templates including Visme Timelines, that make it easy for anyone to create professional-grade visuals.

  • FREE Easy-to-use Visme Timeline templates give you a quick and easy starting point.

With the Visme Timeline feature, users to create timelines that are both informative and visually appealing. With this feature, you can capture historical events, track project deadlines or milestones, or simply illustrate the evolution of a concept or idea. Visme Timeline is now available for free as part of the suite of tools.

Check out the Free Visme Timeline Features – Click Here!

Visme Timeline Slide

Slide showing information of Visme Timeline Feature

Visme Timeline Maker Video

Timeline templates and design. How to make a timeline YouTube Video

YouTube video

Slide above shows video of Visme Timeline

Audio Engine (Feature)

Uploading your own audio MP3 files is one of the most requested features. You can attach an audio track to a slide (for presentations)
If you want the whole presentation to have background music, you can do that too. You can even record your own audio, attach it, and manage the timing and fade controls from a single panel.

Visme all in one content creation tool template
The slide shows some sample infographics within Visme co.

Chart widget

The Chart widget is a new way to look at your data! You can make different kinds of charts with it, like pies or bars or lines. And if you want to compare two sets of data, like which fruit is more popular than another, then you can do that too! Do you want to make a chart, but don’t know how? Well, that’s okay! Visme will walk you through how to do it.

Using The Chart Features.

Want to add new types of content to make your website look great? You can do that too! There are so many interactive things on the site so you don’t have to look at pictures all the time. New templates and other tools are being added all the time. Your website or design will look awesome!

flow chart
Slide showing some display choices for charts.

Check out the link to the Visme co website for more details on using the chart features.
Click Here for the Create a Chart Webpage

More Than Just a Presentation or Infographic Tool

It is so much more than just a presentation or infographic tool. You can also use it for other forms of content, from flyers to scatter plots to social media graphics! Below are some links that provide more information about specific case use scenarios.
(Links will open related pages on the Visme website, in a new browser tab)

Use to Create Printables Such as Flyers

Click Here for Printables and Flyers Page

Create Scatter Plots

Create Scatter Plots

Publish Survey Results

Publish Survey Results

Design Presentation Video

YouTube video

Visme content creation tool-pro-con

How It Compares To Other Sites – Visme vs Canva etc.

Visme co is a graphic design program that is easy to use. You can create beautiful designs, infographics, videos, presentations, and more. It is unlike other design programs you may have used in the past. It focuses on ease of use and allows designers to make creations unique with a set of pre-made templates.

Unlike other graphic design sites, the intuitive interface makes it easy to learn. Non-designers can make attractive graphics in no time. You do not need any sort of subscription or monthly fee – all features are available for free!

For users who want extra tools and resources, there are subscriptions available. There are so many online design programs out there, that we wanted to do a comparison.

Visme vs Canva and Similar Apps – How Does it Compare?

Visme vs Canva, vs Prezi, vs PowerPoint, vs Pixlr, vs Google Drawings, etc.

We looked at three key factors:
  • The Cost of each service (if anything),
  • What kind of tools do they offer, i.e., video creation, and presentation?
  • How user-friendly they are

Here’s a quick breakdown of our findings:

Visme vs Canva Infographic-Templates-2

Visme vs Canva

Many online tools allow users to create visuals for their content. Still, two of the most popular are Visme and Canva. Both offer a wide range of features and options, but which is best for you? We looked at them both, Visme vs Canva.

Visme is a tool for creating stunning visuals from any source and exporting them to various formats. The available outputs are PNG, GIF, SVG, JPG, PDF, and HTML, and they are adding even more! It is a very easy-to-use tool. You can create visuals from images, PDFs, PSDs, MS Word documents, and more. You can also import any picture from the web and make a vector graphic from it.

Canva is a good choice for those who want a more straightforward design process. It offers predesigned templates that are easy to use and a library of photos and illustrations.


Visme is an excellent option for those who want more flexibility and control over their visuals. In my opinion, it offers a much more comprehensive range of templates, fonts, and icons, as well as the ability to create custom designs. You can also embed videos and animations, making it an excellent option for creating interactive visuals.

Also, in our Visme vs Canva comparison, we can report that both apps offer users free access. They each have free templates and images, but Visme is a clear winner, having hundreds of thousands of stock images, graphics, and fonts. Both have intuitive interfaces for creating designs. Neither app needs any subscription or monthly fee – all features are free!

So Far, Visme vs Canva, Which One Is Right for You?

Visme Free App is winning this race so far. Let’s look a bit more. As you might have noticed, graphic design has rapidly shifted toward web-based applications. That is due, in part, to companies shifting their focus from print media toward digital media.

However, when creating infographics and other professional-grade graphics, many businesses still prefer web-based applications like Visme.

Visme Canva Main Screen

Similar Products?

At first glance, Canva and Visme are similar products; they’re both great tools for building graphs and charts and designing presentations online. On top of that, both are incredibly easy to use; you don’t have to be a graphic designer or artist to start creating designs with them. But when you begin to dig beneath the surface and look at Visme vs Canva, Visme is just miles ahead in every way.

They have both a web-based application and a downloadable desktop version that you can work with if you prefer. There is also an API that you can utilize for integration, and there are so many things that this app can do. I mean, seriously! I strongly advise that you check out the company’s website yourself. Never mind this small Visme vs Canva, or review as a whole.

Free Certification

I could never do the app justice. Much great information about the app is available on the company’s website. Video tutorials, live casts, blogs, FREE CERTIFICATION!

A dedicated help team, Hundreds of how-to’s, and guides. I could never hope to come close to explaining the true power of Visme co. It is something that you need to check out for yourself. Seeing is believing.

  • Why not do yourself a big favor, navigate to the link below, and sign up for a free trial now?

You have nothing to lose. You won’t regret checking it out!

Create a Free Account With Visme Co Today!

how to get started with canva
This is a slide from Canva (Visme vs Canva)

Visme vs Pixlr

Another graphic design site that offers a similar set of tools is Pixlr, but with one big difference, Pixlr’s user interface isn’t quite as easy to use as its competitors. On top of that, it doesn’t offer as many graphics or image options either. It does offer other useful tools like presentation creation and video editing. It might be worth checking out if you don’t mind its clunkier interface.

Visme vs Pixlr graphic design
This graphic is of Pixlr

Visme co vs Google Drawings Why Visme co is better than Google Drawings

Introduction and Comparison of Visme vs Google Drawings – In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of design applications for creating various types of visuals. Two of the most popular applications are Visme and Google Drawings.

Visme is a cloud-based application that allows users to create visuals, infographics, presentations, and reports. It offers a wide range of templates and tools that make it easy to create professional-looking visuals. One of the standout features of Visme is its ability to animate text and graphics, which can be used to create engaging presentations and videos.

Online Application

Google Drawings is a free online application that lets users create diagrams, illustrations, and flowcharts. It can be used for school projects, work presentations, or just to doodle on the side. The application is easy to use; all you need is a Google account. It is part of Google Drive, which means that all documents created in Google Drawings are automatically saved in your Google Drive account.

Visme vs Google Drawings Design and Functionality:

Both have their pros and cons, but which one is the best for your needs? Here’s a look at the design and functionality of each tool to help you decide.

Google Drawings is a basic vector drawing program that lets you create simple drawings and diagrams. Visme is a more powerful online vector drawing and animation tool that offers a wider range of features, including the ability to add multimedia content. Both programs are free to use, but Visme offers more features and is easier to use than Google Drawings.

Visme is probably one of the more well-known tools. It originally started as a collaborative drawing tool, but it has since grown to include other features. It has a number of options to help you get started, including being able to import images from your computer, other people s photos, and even your webcam. The program also comes with some pre-designed templates that are ready to use.

Conclusion Visme Co Is More Versatile and Does Many More Things

There are a lot of online tools that help you create visuals for your content, but none as versatile as Visme. With its vast library of templates, stock images, and countless customization options, you can create any kind of graphic you need quickly and easily.

From simple charts and infographics to complex animations and presentations, Visme does it all. Plus, with its built-in social media sharing tools, you can easily share your creations with the world. If you need a powerful, easy-to-use visual creation tool, then look no further than Visme.

Visme vs google drawings
This graphic was created with Google Drawings!

Work Across Devices

One thing that Google Drawings do well is its ability to work across devices. You start a design on your computer and continue working on your phone or tablet, and not lose progress. This makes it great for people who prefer working on the go.

  • Focuses on making graphic design fun and easy
  • Offers pre-made templates that allow designers to customize graphics in unique ways.

With so many graphic design programs out there, it’s hard to know which one to choose. But based on our research, Visme is a great option for newbies and professionals alike.

Comparison of Visme vs Powerpoint

There are a number of online tools that allow users to create presentations. We will compare Visme vs PowerPoint. Both tools are popular for creating presentations, but they have different features.

Visme is an online tool that allows users to create presentations, infographics, and other types of visual content. It has a drag-and-drop interface, which makes it easy to use. It also has a library of templates and pre-made designs, which can be used to create a presentation quickly and easily.

PowerPoint is a Microsoft program that allows users to create presentations. It is more complex than Visme, Both allow users to add animations and videos to their presentations, and have built-in tools for designing graphs and charts.

Easier to Use With a More User-Friendly Interface

If you’re looking for a user-friendly online infographic and presentation tool, Visme is the solution. It offers an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of templates to get you started. Plus, there are many customization options to make your project unique. You don’t need any design experience or software knowledge to create professional visuals with Visme.

Offers More Design Options and Templates

If you’re looking for design options for your next project, look no further than Visme. With more templates and design options than ever before, you’re sure to find the perfect look for your needs. Plus, with an easy-to-use editor, creating beautiful visuals is a breeze. So what are you waiting for? Start creating today!

40 Best Infographic Design Ideas to Jumpstart Your Creativity

YouTube video

Learn Infographic Design Tutorial

Better for Creating Infographics

There are a lot of different design tools out there that you can use to create infographics. But, if you’re looking for the best tool for the job, then you should definitely check out Visme.

Visme is a great option for creating infographics because it’s easy to use and it has a ton of features that make it perfect for this type of project. Plus, there are a lot of templates and pre-made designs available in the library, so you can get started quickly without having to design everything from scratch.

Cheaper Than Powerpoint

There are a lot of presentation tools out there. And, while they all have their similarities, they also have their differences. If you’re looking for a presentation tool that is affordable and easy to use, Visme is the right choice for you.

Powerpoint is a widely used presentation software. It has been around for many years and it has become the go-to tool for many people. However, there are some reasons why Visme co should be your choice instead of PowerPoint.

First of all, Visme co is free to use. This means that you don’t have to spend money on it. Additionally, it is easier to use than PowerPoint. Finally, it is more versatile than PowerPoint.

Visme vs Prezi Why Visme Co Is Better Than Prezi

Introduction: comparing and contrasting. Both are presentation tools that allow users to create visual presentations. They are both cloud-based, which means they can be accessed online from any device. Both have a free and paid version, with a variety of features in each.

Visme Co Is Easy to Use, Versatile, and Affordable

Since its creation in 2013, it has become one of the most popular online tools for creating visual content. Whether you need to create a presentation, a social media post, or just want to improve your visual literacy skills, it is a great option. It’s easy to use, versatile, and affordable.

More Versatile Than Prezi

Prezi is a great program for creating presentations, but it has some limitations. Visme is a newer program that is more versatile than Prezi. With Visme, you can create presentations, infographics, and even animated videos. The program is easy to use, and there are many more templates and tools available to help you create professional-looking content.

Pricing Plans

Visme co offers a variety of pricing plans. The free plan is enough to get your feet wet in infographic design.

The paid plans start at $12.25/Mo when purchased annually, which gives you access to all features and allows for 250 MB of Storage.

Pricing Screen

Visme vs Canva annual pricing
The prices shown are correct as of June 2022, when subscribing to the annual plan!


For businesses looking for an affordable way to create infographics, check out Visme. Its prices are reasonable, and it is useful to many business owners. The Visme Timeline feature, and Graphics alone, blow others out of the water!


Visme integrates simple design elements into a PowerPoint-like platform. With drag-and-drop functionality, you can combine creative animations with your data. Create beautiful slideshows for social media content, sales presentations, or fun! It is hard to compete with it’s high-quality features. Its usability and great price make it hard to match.

At the very least, I recommend checking out the free version to get a feel for the platform. If you like how it feels, try starting a subscription to enjoy all it has to offer.

Visme vs Canva design program-no exp needed

If you want to try out all of Visme’s features, a free trial is available for 14 days, you can use all the tools for free during the trial!

Create Free Account

Create My Free Account Now!

I Think Anyone Can Agree, Visme Is an Amazing Application That Everyone Can Use!

Wouldn’t it be great if you took a few minutes right now and created your absolutely FREE VISME account?

Visme Login Is Easy Once You Have Created Your Free Account!

Open your web browser and navigate to Visme.Co Website

Once you arrive at the website you will see the following Home Page Screen, or one similar to it.

Visme sign up

Once on the home page you can either log in, or sign up. See the diagram. (Figure 1, or Figure 2)

To login to your account – see the graphic bellow for your Visme Login!

visme sign in page or sign up or reset password page

From here you can do one of the following as indicated on the graphic:

Figure 1

1. Sign in/Visme login using your email address
2. Enter your password to sign in
3. Click the login button to log in to the website
4. Log in using Google
5. Login using Facebook
6. Sign up for new account
7. Forgot password reset link

Figure 2

Alternatively, if you are signing up for a new account, you would click on the “Sign Up Free” (Figure 2) You will then be taken to a different screen as shown bellow.

create account with email-google or facebook

Create a New Visme Account

On this page you can create a new account using your email and a password, or if you would rather, you can create a new account using Google of Facebook. If you landed on his page by mistake, and you already have a account. You can login using the login button on the page. See the diagram for where to click and enter your information.

  1. Sign up with email and password
  2. Sign up with Google
  3. Sign up with Facebook
  4. Login using the Visme Login button

Visme Review Create-a-New-Account

Once you have opened your new account, you can return to the Visme Login page when you want to log back in.

Check out Visme’s blog or official website for more details and information.

The link to their official blog is posted below!


Have you used Visme Timeline or any of the other features of this awesome App? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts! I hope you found this review helpful, don’t forget to check out the many great at tools that you will be able to use for yourself. Start using Visme Free today!

Sign Me Up For My Free Account Now!

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