Friendship – Different Things to Different People

What Kind of Friend Are You

We all know the feeling of having great friends, but not everyone knows how to be a good friend in return. Friendship can sometimes be taken for granted, and yet it’s so important to our lives. What is a friend? How can you tell if you’re being a good one? What can you do to improve your relationships with the surrounding people? These are all very valid questions, and they’re important to ask yourself, especially when we often assume that things will just work out naturally on their own.


Defining Friendship

The dictionary defines friendship as unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another. This definition applies in all situations, whether it’s between friends, family members, or colleagues at work. Defining friendship isn’t an easy task because many factors make up how two people interact with each other daily.

Each Is Different

While each relationship is different, some commonalities should be addressed when defining what makes up a true friendship. Some characteristics include loyalty, trustworthiness, openness, and honesty. If these elements aren’t present in your friendships, then maybe you need to reevaluate how you’re treating those around you. It may also mean that your friends aren’t treating you well either.

How to Tell a True Friend

Although we all want to believe our friends have our best interests at heart, sometimes they don’t know us like we think they do. To figure out how to tell a true friend from someone who just pretends to care about you, look for specific actions that show their intentions.

Your Happiness

A person who cares about your happiness will always be there for you no matter what and will never take advantage of any situation just because they can. Be sure to pay attention not only to how others treat you, but how they treat others as well. Your friends should always respect other people’s opinions, even if they disagree with them.

Ways to Know if You Are Being a Good Friend

How can you tell whether or not you’re a good friend? Try asking your friends. While some people define friendship in terms of shared interests, likes, and dislikes, others see it as an exchange of emotions, feelings, and true connections. If friendship isn’t working for you, find out what it is that other people think it should be.


By gauging their responses to your friendship habits, learn more about yourself and whether or not your current circle of friends might need refreshing. After all, friendships take work – but they are well worth it!

Ways to Tell You Are a Good Friend

Possible Ways to Tell You Are a Good Friend: If your friend confides in you about something important (and personal), such as her plans to break up with her boyfriend, do you keep those secrets between just the two of you? If so, chances are good that she trusts you. On top of that, she knows she can rely on you when she needs help making decisions. That’s a good sign that you’re a good friend!

Someone Who Cares

If your friends come to you for advice and support, then it’s likely they see you as someone who cares. They may even look at you as an inspiration or role model – someone they aspire to be more like! But don’t take their admiration for granted; instead, use it as motivation to continue being there for them. That way, your friendship will continue growing stronger and healthier over time.

Ways to Recognize Bad Friends

Let’s just say it: some friends aren’t worth having. Good friends are important because they support us, help us, and offer advice when we need it most. Certain characteristics make someone a good friend. Look out for these red flags to see if your friend deserves to keep their title. If you find yourself asking Am I a good friend? Here are ways to recognize bad friends.

A Few Things Good Friends Do

The next time you ask What is a friend? Think about what makes up a good friendship and whether or not you possess those qualities. It might be helpful to take an honest look at who you surround yourself with and why. Here are a few things good friends do:

Good Friends Will Encourage You

Good friends will encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle, maintain good grades in school, stay physically active, and more! Be sure to surround yourself with people who build you up rather than tear you down.

Ask Yourself How Can I Be a Good Friend?

Is an important step in recognizing bad friendships. Don’t forget to reach out and try new things! Good friends don’t let each other get too comfortable doing nothing; instead, they inspire each other to achieve new goals together.

Is It Normal to Have No Friends?

Sometimes, people have a hard time making friends. There are multiple reasons why, but it’s something that lots of us struggle with at some point in our lives. If you find yourself always wondering, is it normal to have no friends?

It’s Complicated

A lack of close friends can be quite painful for some individuals. For others, it’s just another thing they shrug off as part of life. But regardless of whether or not you consider yourself lonely, there’s probably still a little voice inside your head asking: Is it normal to have no friends? The answer is complicated because what makes someone a friend isn’t necessarily cut-and-dry—and even depends on who you ask.

No Two People Define Friendship the Same Way

What makes me an awesome friend might not be what makes my BFF so great, so we all define friendship differently. So then… is it normal to have no friends? Well, yes and no, but more importantly, don’t sweat it! Because you’ll never be able to control everything about your relationships, instead focus on doing what you can to keep them healthy. Hint: It starts with actually listening!

What to Do to Make Sure Your Friendships Are True and Healthy

Make time for your friends. Don’t let your schedule get in the way of hanging out with friends and loved ones. Spending more time with friends and family will likely have positive effects on your overall happiness. Ask questions and be an active listener when they talk to you. Everyone likes to know that they are being heard and understood, so try asking open-ended questions that encourage them to go into detail about their opinions or experiences.

Favorite Quote

One of my favorite quotes on friendship comes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: To thy self be true. This quote means you should only have people in your life who reflect well on you and your character.

What Would You Add?

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